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Is your insurance policy providing you with the protection you’ve paid for, depended on, and are entitled to? If your Florida insurance company is low-balling your claim, delaying your payout, or pressuring you to settle for a small portion of your claim, just say no. You deserve more. We help you get it.

Don’t become a victim of insurance delays and denials. At Space Coast Insurance, we take your claim as seriously as you do. Buying an insurance policy is simple. Filing a claim can be complex. That’s where we step in. We fight for the maximum financial recovery you deserve. We fight for the peace of mind your family deserves. We don’t stop fighting until you receive the full protection of your insurance policy.

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Don’t Fight Alone

Hurricanes, floods, water damage, destruction – you bought your insurance policy for times like these. We make the insurance companies live up to their promise. When you file a claim on your own, you risk delays, confusion, and missteps. Our experienced team has the skill and expertise you need on your side. We make navigating the insurance process faster, smoother, and easier than going it alone. We proudly provide Floridians with the help they need to get the payout they deserve.

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The Space Coast Insurance Law Team Fighting For Your Home

The beautiful weather quickly can turn south when Mother Nature strikes. Don’t be caught in the rain without an umbrella with Kling Law on your side, specializing in:

Persistence and tenacity go hand in hand with Kling Law. Our team has been helping to protect your neighbor for over 9 years, helping you get the payout you deserve to repair your home.

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Kling Law’s team has persistently been protecting home insurance claim rights for the citizens of Florida for over 9 years, fighting tirelessly to get the claim you deserve.


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